Isaac El Isaac El

"I want to thank Aaron for all the effort that he put in to help me achieve my goal ? I've always wanted to look good physically , thanks to Aaron and the hard work I put in I achieved my goal.

I was doing leisure management(& personal trainer) in college, by the end of the 2 years course I learned nothing, I was clueless but yet I had my Certs...

I learned so much more from Aaron e.g how human body reacts to certain exercise and how it works etc.
In my opinion Aaron is the best personal trainer going around, he doesn't just give you a program or a diet plan , he explains everything to you, not like others who just give you chicken and broccoli and protein shakes to eat 24/7, he'll always be there if you need anything ?.

I'm happy that I lost that amount of weight in the space of 10 weeks. Again a huge thanks to Aaron for all the motivation and knowledge he thought me.
Thank you for all the effort , keep the good work and God bless ?."

Isaac El result after using my program.
Bernard Hoytink Bernard Hoytink

When I first met Aaron; we discussed my previous experiences with training and conditioning. I have been doing all kind of sports yet when it came to fitness I never reached results of my liking.

I could never drop below 12% body fat making me look like a bit of a sack of potatoes with muscles added to it. Along with personal training and further understanding of my requirements Aaron developed an exceptional training and nutrition program and the rest is history.

If you are results driven like myself then I would highly recommend Aaron.

Bernard Hoytink result after using my program.
Amber Goedhart Amber Goedhart

I have been training with Aaron and have made incredible progress through simply following his programming and advice. I have started my fitness journey over a year ago.

I was not really the type that would go to the gym four times a week and do boring machines. Aaron has always provided me with challenging and exciting fitness programs. Moreover, he has provided me with the in depth basics to progress safely and quickly. When you are new to fitness, it’s very important to have good posture, stance and mobility to avoid injuries. I would totally recommend people who are new to fitness that are considering a personal trainer to learn the basics for your safety and to be able to progress quicker.

Now I really enjoy going to the gym, and therefore was able to go at least four times a week. It was very motivating to see that I became stronger every week and was able to do more than I ever thought like push-ups,chin ups and even heavy squats. Aaron has always measured my progress and monitored my nutrition, sleeping pattern and lifestyle very carefully. During gym sessions he has pushed me to my limits to achieve the best results possible. I thank Aaron for my progress, and my new fitness-addiction, and I would totally recommend him for personal training! - Amber Goedhart

Amber Goedhart result after using my program.
Jakki Whitear Jakki Whitear

When I approached Aaron in February the main goal was weight loss and toning for an up and coming wedding, the target was ‘The’ Bridesmaid dress!
I had been a bridesmaid for my older sister a while ago, and genuinely felt so uncomfortable so my aim was to reduce the overall weight gained and get definition in my legs and upper arms.
Aaron started with a discovery phase were we looked at calorie intake versus optimal fat burning through training.
Once I had the magic number for calories and understood my specific metabolic rate, I started to notice a huge difference in my tummy and legs.
Each week I felt motivated and in my apts with Aaron we always changed to reflect the previous goals I had achieved, this seemed to be seamless and was definitely making a difference!
Overall my experience with Aaron has been more than brilliant - mostly because my training and nutrition is so specifically tailored to me and I have seen the results, even on the days I feel furthest from motivated ‘Mr HAPPY’ aka Aaron is always on hand!
Thanks Aaron, Roll on the Wedding!!

Jakki Whitear result after using my program.
Noel O'Mahony Noel O'Mahony

I decided at the start of 2015 to make a big effort with my training and to really improve myself physically. Having seen Aaron train people in the gym, I knew he was the right person to train me. I started in Jan and trained twice a week tues and thurs from 7-8 am.

Getting into the gym early helped me beat the morning rush, complete my daily work out and be fresh for the day ahead. Aaron took one look at me and knew what I needed to work on. Over the course of the next three months, killer exercises like bear crawls, burpees, kettle bells and Bulgarian bag swings gradually got easier and I could feel my strength building up. Squats, barbells, planks and wall sits, you name it, I did it, and Aaron pushed me every step of the way.

Aaron is very helpful with diet review and tips and focuses on fat reduction. I've made huge improvements gaining mass and reducing fat, I have a new frame now and need a new wardrobe too. I've kept up the morning sessions, it's part of my daily routine, I'm fitter and stronger than I've been in 20 years and I'm a lot more confident in my appearance. Thanks Aaron for all your help and encouragement along the way.

Graham J. Norton Graham J. Norton

I trained with Aaron while I was a member of A gym in Dublin City. I had been seriously ill for a number of years and was recovering from cardiac surgery and several strokes. During this time I was extremely body conscious as I had put on quite a lot of weight from medication and being rather sedentary.

I had used a lot of water based activities during my time in the rehab clinic and I was keen to keep this up until I gained some strength and flexibility. I approached Aaron with this in mind. He was extremely professional and created a pool based workout to help get me back on track. Within a few weeks I was getting toned and my coordination had begun to improve.

Eventually I returned to the gym floor where Aaron encouraged me to take up classes such as Body Pump and TRX. He also monitored my progress and continually adapted the programme to meet my needs and keep me from being bored. I would have no problem in recommending Aaron as a personal trainer. He is professional, knowledgable,supportive and most importantly he respects the clients needs and listens to their goals as opposed to imposing his own ideas on them.

Orlagh Deighan Orlagh Deighan

I enquired about Training in January 2016 for many reasons. Firstly I was the heaviest I have ever been and very uncomfortable with how I looked. The gym was a very intimidating place to be. With no knowledge of what really to do when I got there but knowing that I needed to do something I would half heartedly use a few machines, embarrass myself for a while in the weights section and leave.
From my 1st meeting with Aaron he encouraged me to be more confident in my own abilities. Throughout the couple of months that we have worked together he has been much more than a personal trainer, an advisor not only on exercise but diet and lifestyle, a counsellor and a rock of positivity when I needed it. He genuinely really cared when I struggled with the food plan and made a few changes to make it more achievable and when I had a bad weigh in we would discuss the issues of the week and see what we could improve on next. He was always readily available for any questions big or small. With any work schedule that changes weekly it was difficult to plan sessions but Aaron made sure that we always had our two sessions a week regardless of what time I was available. With the varying exercises and constant new challenges no two sessions were the same. There is no question that I physically made massive changes that there is no way I would have achieved otherwise. More importantly than the physical changes I have much more knowledge now and confidence in myself. I can confidently enter a gym and exercise and not feel out of place. This experience has also completely changed my lifestyle and even how I look at foods. I have been forever changed by this experience and will still remain a client of Aaron’s even in Australia as long as he will have me!!!

Orlagh Deighan result after using my program.
William Galligan William Galligan

I practiced Yoga for over 30 years and had great awareness of how to Control my body a very good physical awareness. However my knowledge based around nutrition and self control was terrible.

I was 50 years old when I started to train with Aaron. At this stage I have to say it was difficult yo adapt to new idiologies based around fitness and the human anatomy however Aaron was so knowledgable and informative along the whole proccess that it made every step more enjoyable. At my age it is very hard to shift any weight and with Aarons transformation program I went from 14.5Stone to 12 Stone in just 12 weeks.

Not only that but I really enjoyed it. The best thing I took from the experience was how adding good nutritional knowledge and a structured weight program could improve all other aspets of my exercise regime even my Yoga. All other things aside Aaron was just a cool dude and a great guy to work with.

William Galligan result after using my program.
Craig Gmd Craig Gmd

I used to train for years and always wondered why I couldn't get as ripped as what you see on some advertising.. Then I met Aaron.. He made me reach THE upper Level, getting results that I never managed to achieve before and that I always wanted to get.

I trained with Aaron for 3 months to reach my goals, he is really good in keeping you motivated, in reaching your goals everyday and after 3 months I dropped from 14-15% body fat to less than 5% body fat. The results were simply incredible !! I couldn't believe it myself.

I learned a lot from Aaron who brought me his knowledge on how to train differently and how nutrition plays an important role. Plus he is very engaged in tracking your progress and motivates you when you need a boost.

You feel that you deal with a real expert! Plus he was always available! Today my training and nutrition are based on what Aaron taught me during his coaching ! It really worked, he's the best and a Top coach!

Craig Gmd result after using my program.
Jay Galligan Jay Galligan

I met Aaron Carroll at a group training session in my local gym in Dublin. Instantly I was drawn to Aaron's ability to identify what it is what a client want out of exercise. His intuition was spot on and he was able to create a plan of exercise and diet for me to follow that put me on the road to achieving my goals in a manner which was realistic and attainable.

In the time I trained with Aaron i made huge strength gains, became the fittest I have ever been and went from 13% body fat to 10%, which was something I thought was not possible for me.

Aaron is also very approachable and seriously sound. Which makes it easier when you are pushing through the burn and he puts on right said fred , as an additional challenge.

Sadaf Kahn Sadaf Kahn

I trained with Aaron for the better part of a year and I think the its I benefitted me in many ways. The most important of which would be the accountability aspect of having a personal trainer and the motivation you get with it., Aaron helped me look at nutrition in a whole new light and develop a very healthy relationship with food and enjoy my low proccessed carb meals!

We worked on several different programs ranging from strength to conditioning and I achieved unbelievable results with my 1 Rep Maxs and my over all strength and conditioning!!

Never did I ever acjieve better results and understand of the concept of goal setting patience and believing in yourself. He's a PT who's enthusiasm speaks for itself and he speaks from factual knowledge it's clear he knows what he's talking about!! And very realistic I must add. I couldn't recommend him more for meal plans, clear programing and results beyond my comprehension that were truly impressive, To this day my fitness levels have definitely improved from and beyond baseline.

Sadaf Kahn result after using my program.
Derek Mooney Derek Mooney

I've had several personal trainers on and off through the years and without fail. Bar two of them they have not me been consistent with my training at all.

Aaron was one of the good ones. In fact I lost two kilos in one month under Aarons supervision and guidance through his training and sessions.

It may not seem a lot but it was a big achievement for me and I couldn't have done without him. He's definitely one of the best.

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