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Initial metabolic rate review

I will be supplying you with a nutrition, mood and energy diary. You will fill this out over a week which lets me review at what rate your body functions at. That is the Beauty about my full package. I work specific to you. I make sure that I see how your body reacts to the food you eat in reference to weight gain or weight loss but more importantly how your hormones react by tracking mood and energy levels. Once I gain this information I combine it with your goals and design a plan towards getting you what you want in the best way possible!

7 Day Nutritional Coaching

This will give you a template of the type of whole foods and daily meals you should be eating all broken down from meal to meal based on your habits. This is not something set in stone for any person as life throws curve balls but this will give you the knowledge to know what you should eat in black and white. Through learning to track your own food and creating nutritional awareness you I will then be able to coach you on how to optimize around your lifestyle. There is no perfect meal plan for everyone but this is the best guide possible to be specific to your own goals and creating longevity in maintaining them.

Exercise Tutorial Library and Training Program

Once on the 6-week program, you will have access to a full Libary of educational exercise tutorial videos. This means no matter where you train be it at home or in a gym as long as you have access to the internet, I’ll be in your pocket teaching you how to perform your exercises. Your program will have outlined all your training tips that you will have to follow over a 7 day period in order to achieve the next step in your long term goals. This does not mean that you have train 6 days a week twice a day. This simply means that over the course of your week you can be competent that the goals you have planned will be getting worked towards no matter the frequency of your training regime.

Nutrition explained

This is the most important aspect of all your program. UNDERSTANDING your nutrition. More than anything else I will coach you to be able to understand how nutrition works and can be manipulated by you to meet your own goals and needs, no matter the circumstances. I will guide you and teach you the importance of Macro Nutrition and how being more flexible with your nutrition can help you to still meet your goals without Nutritional restrictions taking over your life. In turn making eating well, looking and feeling great more sustainable!

Skype Consultation

You will have a Skype consultation included where we schedule a time that suits both you and I to sit down and talk nutrition. This is where I learn about you and more importantly, I pass on as much knowledge as I can so you learn what does work and how to implement it.

Fully personalized for you

I focus on you when delivering your coaching. That means even though we apply principals that can be used by many your Macro percentages, calorie needs and most importantly Your Goals will all be individualized by me and prescribed to you. So once you switch on to achieving what you want you will have the direct tools and numbers you need to achieve it!

Caters to your goals

This is a specified fitness plan so whether you can only train twice a week, suffer from injury, have very little or no experience training or a lot of experience training this will NOT be a one size fits all program. I take your goals and limitations into consideration and that’s the foundation of where I start from when building your program.

WhattsApp Support

Any client on a 12-week program will have access to a private client phone number where you can contact me for any support you may need via WhattsApp. This is very exclusive service and only the 12-week long-term focused clients will have access to this added feature. This means that no more having to reach to your email check-ins in order to contact me.

Online support

This is where I learn about you and more importantly, I pass on as much knowledge as I can so you learn what does work and how to implement it. Included in your plan is access to a VIP client email which you can contact me 6 days a week as well as you mandatory 2 check-ins per week. This means you will receive added support if needed depending on availability so you can stay on track and have the support you need to reach your goals.

12 Transformation Coaching

12 Transformation Coaching

  • Initial Metabolic Rate Review
  • 2x Skype Consultation
  • 7 Day Nutrition Coaching
  • Training Program
  • Video Tutorial Library
  • WhattsApp and Online Support


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