6 Week Online Coaching

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A specified program to you. Fully catered for you, your goals and your needs.

6 week plan

A lot can change in 6 weeks. Although I do recommend training long term to see optimal results some people may have that Big day, reunion, holiday or wedding coming up which they want to invest in themselves to learn as much as they can about training and nutrition in 6 weeks. Within 6 weeks a huge amount of change can be implemented. The reason people who traditionally go to gyms don’t see major results within 6 weeks is because nothing on their program that they have been given is truly specific towards their needs. That is where this program is different! It is for you!


This is a specified nutrition and specific macro nutritional breakdown and guide. Not only do you approach you new nutritional plan from a flexible realistic balanced approach but once you study your own metabolism I also analyze it and give you the Macro prescription you need to get the results you want.

Exercise Tutorial Library and Training Program

Once on the 6-week program, you will have access to a full Libary of educational exercise tutorial videos. This means no matter where you train be it at home or in a gym as long as you have access to the internet, I’ll be in your pocket teaching you how to perform your exercises. Your program will have outlined all your training tips that you will have to follow over a 7 day period in order to achieve the next step in your long term goals. This does not mean that you have train 6 days a week twice a day. This simply means that over the course of your week you can be competent that the goals you have planned will be getting worked towards no matter the frequency of your training regime.

Online support + Skype Consult

We have an initial Skype consult which is key to figuring you out and getting to know each other and understanding your lifestyle. From there we set out what direction we need to take to be specific to you. Included in your plan is access to a VIP client email which you can contact me 6 days a week and you will receive support within 24 hours of making contact so you can stay on track and have the support you need to reach your goals.

6 Week Online Coaching

6 Week Online Coaching

  • 6 Week Plan
  • Video Tutorial Libary Access
  • Online Support and Consult
  • Programming + Nutrition review


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