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The ultimate guide for you to learn how to manipulate your nutrition around your lifestyle so that even your weakest moments don’t affect your progress.

Learn YOUR metabolism, optimize your results!

This is key to finding out what rate your metabolism fires at. Every ones Metabolism is unique to that individual. If you do not know your starting point how can you begin? Whether you want to lose fat or gain muscle the number one key is knowing your expenditure Vs your consumption in order to know where to start. There are a lot of calculators online that will give you a guestimation but I know so many people that fail because they think they can consume the same amount of food as another person with the same height and same weight. This simply is not the case. You metabolism is unique to you and you need to figure that out first to unlock the key to achieving your goals. This guide explains how to do just that.

MACRO Nutrition explained

This is the most important aspect of all your program. UNDERSTANDING your nutrition. More than anything else I will coach you to be able to understand how nutrition works and can be manipulated by you to meet your own goals and needs, no matter the circumstances. I will guide you  and teach you the importance of Macro Nutrition and how being more flexible with your nutrition can help you to still meet your goals without Nutritional restrictions taking over your life. In turn making eating well, looking and feeling great more sustainable!

Fully personalized for you

This is designed to help you understand how to design your own nutritional breakdown to set your own goals. Specificity is key. If your nutrition can be manipulated towards your own goals then you can achieve anything. So once you switch on to achieving what you want when you have the direct tools and numbers you need to achieve it!



  • Learn your metabolism
  • 1 Week Practical Implementation
  • Nutrition Understood
  • Macro nutrition explained
  • Set your Macros for Your goals


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