My name is Aaron Carroll, I am a Personal Trainer and Health Coach by trade and Musician and songwriter since birth. I grew up in Cork city Ireland, I was born into a family thats bread, butter and love was music as both my parents were musicians. However the life of a musical family is never guaranteed to the most financially secure.

Not having the best of circumstances during my child hood didn't give me the luxuries or simple every day privileges that you would expect a child to have growing up. However finding true happiness through the love and support from my phenomenal family and friends I found a passion for hard work as well as a thirst to make myself something more than what my circumstance seemed to dictate for me.

I got my first set of weights for my 15th birthday. As I was overweight as a child I fell in love with self development. I started my Health and Fitness studies at a foundation level through a community centre at the age of 19 after finishing school, then through hard work, building rapport, experience and basically scrubbing floors treadmills and toilets 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for a month while on a free internship I was offered a job as a leisure attendant/fitness instructor in an already overstaffed gym. My passion and hard work drove me to work as much as I could and constantly expand study at the same time.

I developed my studies achieving distinctions in all my modules in my first health and recreation course. This opened up doors for me to progress my education at 3rd level. I then went on not only to achieve nearly every type of qualification you can in the fitness industry but also became a qualified teacher myself. While studying I always worked and at which time I moved from Cork to Irelands Capitol City Dublin and over the course of a few short years learned as much about the industry and more importantly the people that depended on it for health and wellbeing as I could. At the young age of 24 my hard work and studies truly paid off as I gained the role of a Health Club Manager in a gym located in the City Centre of Dublin right at the heart of our Capitol. Making me one of the youngest if not the youngest manager of a club such as this in the country.

In this role I was responsible for all the business development, customer satisfaction, customer service, budgeting, staffing, sales/marketing and I also successfully initiated, directed an completed a full refurbishment of the Health Club during my time there. Then in hopes to progress my career further I applied and successfully secured a role as Operations Manager of the biggest Health Club and Gym facility in Ireland and one of the most successful in Europe holding in excess of 10,000 members in that club alone and 23,000+ through out the franchise. However just over half a year into this role I realised I wasn't learning anything new, I was no longer developing myself as a person or bringing anything that I truly believed in to the industry and the members that I loved working for and with.

I then chose to move on from that role and decided to start on my own venture. My aim was simple, to bring a positive/ over all balanced lifestyle and idea of health to people who truly wanted to achieve their goals. I would see people in gyms coming in day after day, week after week, month after month and yes year after year and still not achieving the goals they were looking for. My clients however who I gave the right time support and honest care to were seeing phenomenal results in a matter of weeks. Thats what I wish to accomplish at Aaron Carroll Health. To deliver great nutrition plans, structured workout routines and MOST IMPORTANT the care and support people need to achieve their goals. I want to put an end to this 'heres your program(that I just gave to 500 other people)I'll see you for a review in 6 weeks time' nonsense!

I will give people the honesty, transparency, unbeatable customer service and online care they need in order to see the results they deserve for the hard work and time they put in. All in all not to just see people as numbers but see them how they should be seen as people and in turn run a successful business through good intent and hard work.

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what I believe

My Belief

My Belief is that balance brings true happiness. In order to find true balance a health coach needs to look at each person as an individual. The fitness and health industry has become contrived by fake ideologies and most of the time creates unrealistic expectations for people.

I truly believe that people can feel better, look their best and also have a much happier life when making a few small changes and steps towards doing so. As I have worked in the health and fitness industry for over 7 years my belief is to create happiness for others through self development tips, nutritional well being and physical improvement.

One needs to start working on them selves internally before they can truly see results and get the best out of life externally.

if you like who i am, you will love what i can do for you

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