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12 Transformation Coaching

12 Transformation Coaching

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Isaac El Isaac El

I want to thank Aaron for all the effort that he put in to help me achieve my goal ? I've always wanted to look good physically , thanks to Aaron and the hard work I put in I achieved my goal.

Bernard Hoytink Bernard Hoytink

I could never drop below 12% body fat making me look like a bit of a sack of potatoes with muscles added to it. Along with personal training and further understanding of my requirements Aaron developed an exceptional training and nutrition program and the rest is history.

Amber Goedhart Amber Goedhart

Now I really enjoy going to the gym, and therefore was able to go at least four times a week. It was very motivating to see that I became stronger every week and was able to do more than I ever thought like push-ups,chin ups and even heavy squats. Aaron has always measured my progress and monitored my nutrition, sleeping pattern and lifestyle very carefully. During gym sessions he has pushed me to my limits to achieve the best results possible. I thank Aaron for my progress, and my new fitness-addiction, and I would totally recommend him for personal training.

Jakki Whitear Jakki Whitear

had been a bridesmaid for my older sister a while ago, and genuinely felt so uncomfortable so my aim was to reduce the overall weight gained and get definition in my legs and upper arms.
Aaron started with a discovery phase were we looked at calorie intake versus optimal fat burning through training.

Orlagh Deighan Orlagh Deighan

The gym was a very intimidating place to be. With no knowledge of what really to do when I got there but knowing that I needed to do something I would half heartedly use a few machines, embarrass myself for a while in the weights section and leave.
From my 1st meeting with Aaron he encouraged me to be more confident in my own abilities.

William Galligan William Galligan

I was 50 years old when I started to train with Aaron. At this stage I have to say it was difficult yo adapt to new idiologies based around fitness and the human anatomy however Aaron was so knowledgable and informative along the whole proccess that it made every step more enjoyable. At my age it is very hard to shift any weight and with Aarons transformation program I went from 14.5Stone to 12 Stone in just 12 weeks.

Craig Gmd Craig Gmd

I used to train for years and always wondered why I couldn't get as ripped as what you see on some advertising.. Then I met Aaron.. He made me reach THE upper Level, getting results that I never managed to achieve before and that I always wanted to get.

Sadaf Kahn Sadaf Kahn

I trained with Aaron for the better part of a year and I think the its I benefitted me in many ways. The most important of which would be the accountability aspect of having a personal trainer and the motivation you get with it., Aaron helped me look at nutrition in a whole new light and develop a very healthy relationship with food and enjoy my low proccessed carb meals!

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